Headlines Matter: Blogging 101

Am I the only one who gets discouraged seeing a headline like this one from Mashable today: 62 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed? And  that doesn’t even include the “Top Ten Stories we Almost Posted“. It’s next to impossible to keep up with everything that is happening in the technology world. The good news is: I don’t have to! There are lots of other folks doing it for me, and all I have to do is scan the headlines of blogs from the likes of Mashable, TechCrunch and Fast Company. Columnists at each of these publications give us a terrific head start as we think about how a new development will affect our own business.

As I looked through the list in Mashable’s article, I realized what journalists are taught from day one: the headline is critically important. As I looked through the list of 62 articles, the only thing I had to go on was the headline. It’s blindingly obvious: if the headline looks like it would be relevant to my work, or something that might add something interesting to my day, I click on the link.

It’s even helpful for my own use. I tend to write posts that are directly related to something I’m working on at the time I write, and my area of focus changes all the time. By distilling the essence of the post into a few words, I can follow how my own thinking is evolving about a topic.

So, a new goal for myself: be clear about the central idea of each post, and make the headline reflect that idea. How did I do on this one?

One thought on “Headlines Matter: Blogging 101

  1. Well done Marjorie. I too am generally annoyed by the assumed value of quantity over a few clear, practical abstracts that save us valuable time as we comb through our digital resources.

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