Digital Advertising: Looking Beyond Reach and Frequency

A recent study by Casale Media highlighted the importance of looking beyond reach and frequency when placing online advertising. If the objective of your media placement is to generate clicks, three other elements that are critically important to the success of your ads are:

1. Where is the ad located? Ads that are “above the fold” (meaning that a site visitor doesn’t need to scroll down to see the ad) are 7 times more likely to generate a click or action.

2. How many times does a person see your ad? This study supports the commonly held belief that a person needs to see an ad several times before they respond to it. In this study, ads that were seen 5 or more times were 12 to 14% more likely to generate a response compared to ads seen 4 times or fewer. Unfortunately, the study did not seek to identify the number of repetitions at which these results begin to diminish, so does not provide clear guidance on where to impose a frequency cap.

3. When do they see the ad? People are significantly more likely to respond to the first or second ad they see during their browsing session, compared to ads delivered after they have been on the site for a few minutes.

It is important to note that “clicks” are not always the objective of an advertising campaign. But it is probably safe to conclude that these findings can be important to consider for campaigns that are seeking to build a brand image or deliver video content as well. Details of this study are available here:

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